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BMW M4 F82 V8 4,4L Bi-Turbo.

Mantec Racing BMW M4 F82 V8 BiTurbo Tuning 1

+900 hp? Mantec Racing BMW M4 (F82) with V8 BiTurbo!

No question, the M4 is lightning fast and with its fabulous 6-cylinder engine is extremely adequately motorized. But a V8 just remains a V8! And the direct competitor as the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé, for example, has it under the hood. In direct comparison, the BMW M4 Competition is slightly faster in the factory condition than the supposedly stronger C63s, but only on the racetrack, where probably very few of us are regularly on the road. A comparison on the freeway with stubborn driving straight ahead shows that the V8 is much more powerful and the M4 cannot really follow the C63s. And also in terms of the soundscape, the Stuttgart has something ahead of the Munich. At least that’s how we see it. And the guys from Mantec Racing GmbH from Geilenkirchen probably see it that way too.

S63B44TÜ biturbo V8 engine

Mantec Racing BMW M4 F82 V8 BiTurbo Tuning 4

Because they decided without further ado to give a Yas Marina Blue painted M4 the powerful 4,4 liter S63B44TÜ biturbo V8 engine from the M5 F10. And that Günter Manhart has mastered the transplantation of thick engines into relatively small BMW vehicles has made us crazy But the M4 F82 is even more potent. Because the V8 engine, which is coupled to the 7-speed dual clutch transmission of the M5, is everything else as standard. By means of chip tuning, motorsport downpipes, a specially adapted sports exhaust system with modified OEM rear silencers and valve control, the V8 unit is currently developing over 515KW or 700HP and a powerful 800 Nm of torque. According to Mantec, however, this is only the “Stage 1” performance kit.

900 hp are planned for the V8

Mantec Racing BMW M4 F82 V8 BiTurbo Tuning 5

A further expansion stage will soon increase the output to approx. 900 PS and would therefore more than double the output compared to the 431 PS series. And that the S63B44TÜ-Biturbo-V8 is able to do this has already been shown by the example of Horse Power Technics shown. And optically, you screwed a little bit on the M4. There were carbon front apron inserts including Edison Composites carbon front spoiler, the bonnet from the GTS, an aggressive rear diffuser and a tailgate spoiler from the M Performance program and the most striking component is definitely the adjustable rear wing, which also comes from Edison Composites. However, this is still a component from the prototype stage.

Forged wheels from the top model M4 GTS

Mantec Racing BMW M4 F82 V8 BiTurbo Tuning 8

The eye-catching front-polished forged wheels from the top model M4 GTS in Acidic Orange are not prototypes. They are installed in the format 9,5 × 19 inches at the front and 10,5 × 20 inches at the rear and with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2-semislicks (265/35R19 & 285/30R20) equipped. Using KW Variant 4-coilover suspension, the new wheel set sits precisely in the wheel arch and a look through the spokes reveals a brake system that is adapted to the performance. An OEM M-Performance carbon / ceramic system from BMW is installed here. We are excited to see how the Mantec M4 will progress

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